Invest in your’re worth it!
Invest in your’re worth it!


Therapist Qualifications
The massage therapist will be a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is qualified to practice within the state of Arkansas and/or Missouri.


Procedural Details
The massage therapist will not be present in the treatment room during disrobing to a level of comfort and then lay on the massage table under a sheet and/or blanket during a full-body massage.  The massage therapist will not be present in the treatment room during redressing.  The lubricant used during a full-body massage will be a combination of oil (coconut based) and lotion (organic and/or hypoallergenic).  Massage techniques such as effleurage, pétrissage, friction, compression, tapotement, vibration, joint mobilizations and stretches may be used during the course of the massage.  Manual and/or assisted tissue manipulation may be used in the massage treatment room.  Aromatherapy and hot or cold compresses may be used in the massage treatment room.  No disrobing will be necessary during a seated massage in a chair or massage chair. 


Expected Benefits
The benefits of massage can include: (1) increase relaxation; (2) increase circulation of blood and lymph; (3) decrease heart rate and blood pressure; (4) increase joint range-of-motion; (5) decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS); (6) decrease pain and trigger point activity; (7) improve scar formation; (8) decrease depression; and/or (9) improve sleep.


Potential Risks and Adverse Effects
The potential risks and adverse effects of massage can include: 
(1) soreness; and/or (2) bruising.


Scope of Practice

The massage therapist does not diagnose, prescribe, do surgery or any procedure beyond the scope of practice of a massage therapist including but not limited to psychological treatment. 


Office Policies
Payment for service is to be made immediately upon completion of service.  There will be a $50 fee for insufficient fund transactions.  Tardiness will be deducted from massage treatment time.  15 minutes past appointment time will be counted as a missed appointment and the credit card on file will be charged for the missed appointment.  No one can send someone in place for an appointment without prior verbal approval from the massage therapist.  Cancellation of an appointment must be at least 24 hours prior to appointment time otherwise credit card on file will be charged for appointment.  Verbal communication MUST be used in order to cancel an appointment.  There may be times of interruptions of service on the part of the massage therapist due to inclement weather, illness, doctor's appointments, travel to conferences, and/or holidays at which time the appointment will be reschedule or cancelled as soon as any of the previously stated interruptions of service arise.

Client Communication and Information Use
Communication with the massage therapist using telephone calls and/or texting to schedule appointments.  Verbal communication MUST be used in order to cancel appointments. Clients information will be stored and safeguarded in a secure file cabinet for two years from the time treatments are complete or services discontinued at which point my information will be shredded.  A copy of the file can be obtained when requested in writing by client and the $1 per page processing fee is paid, provided my file is still active.


Limits of Confidentiality
The massage therapist is bound by Duty to Warn and the Duty to Protect mandates which require individuals to report suspected child and elderly abuse or neglect.  The massage therapist will safeguard the confidentiality of client information, unless disclosure is requested by client in writing, is medically necessary due to an emergency situation, and/or is required by law via subpoena.


Rights of Refusal
The massage therapist has the right to refuse treatment of an area or postpone treatment if any contraindications are present.  Any and all sexual requests, advancements and/or sexual harassment in any form including but not limited to verbally, physically or electronically WILL NOT be tolerated.  Any sexually related incidents will be reported to the proper authorities and banishment from future service will be implemented immediately.

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