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Invest in your’re worth it!

What people are saying about Touch Therapeutic Massage...


Wow. I've been looking for that perfect, intuitive massage therapist since I moved to the area from Taos. Flor is it!!! Cupping helped tremendously, and I look forward to more services!! Thank you Flor!” Paula J


Trust Flor to suggest the best modalities for your condition... Cupping was so helpful and the gentle lymph massage has jumpstarted my lymph system and I am seeing and feeling immediate results! Flor is professional, caring and genuinely cares for her clients.
Self care doesn't come easily for me, but Flor has made me feel like I am in good hands!” Jo V


For the first time in years, I had no lower back pain after Flor's massage. Truly amazing! Very relaxing setting. Music is a nice touch.”  CH


“Flor is absolutely phenomenal! I’ve never experienced a massage like this w/so many results on so many different levels.  I can breathe better; low back pain has subsided; and circulation has improved. I am so happy that I found her.”  Susan D C


“Trust Flor to use the best modalities for your specific needs.  I highly recommend her.”  JoAnn V


The entire experience was very relaxing.  Flor has an amazing skill set and is so professional. She truly has a heart to help people.”  Marsha W


I liked the atmosphere. I liked that there were so many options to receive specialty care for a variety of needs.  I am extremely happy with the results from the light therapy. My wound seemed to have improved 50% shortly after the treatment. Even my spouse agreed it looked remarkably better. Am hoping the same for my torn rotator cuff.”  Ann S


“I had my first appointment today.. it was WONDERFUL!!! I was given the cup treatment and I felt immediate relief! I highly recommend giving this place a try!!!”  Nakia G


“Saw Flor today.. amazing.. i plan to go back til i am back to good.. tightness,nerve,muscle pain throughout body has come and gone last yr or more... thank you so much!!! she used cupping. and my shoulders were so dark, meaning had very poor circulation..and so tight... i cant wait til next week!”  Jennifer J


“I noticed a huge difference today!  More than I expected.  I mostly noticed a difference in my posture and I had almost no knee pain today.  Thank you so much!”  Bonnie R


Her (Flor) skill/knowledge is undeniable. I've never had a massage that started on my front side. Her techniques were very unusual, but enjoyable....and, they worked. I could breathe easier, had no lower back pain, and just plain felt better than I've ever felt after having had a massage.  I was amazed that a 15-min. sauna visit was included w/my massage. Never before anywhere has a sauna been included.”  Susan C


“Flor is a true artist - my shoulder was greatly improved after the “cupping” treatment.  Appreciated the relaxed approach to the entire process - you will never be rushed and will get a full treatment.  Be sure to use the sauna for muscle warm-up before your massage!”  Kathy K


“Had some lower back issues from playing racquetball and Flor fixed me up with her healing hands and cups.  Great service!!”  Joey B


I’m so thankful I called! Flor worked hard to alleviate my pain and succeeded! I’m indebted! Flor has once again saved me! After describing my symptoms, that in the past have lead me to steroid injections, she was able to meticulously work out my issues. Today I feel so much better!” Sheryl J


Hard to get a therapeutic massage, relaxed but therapeutic.  I liked the professionalism , knowledge , and expertise of Flor. Too soon to tell full benefits from this treatment, but this exceeding my expectations. Will return.”  Jim F


Flor helped me understand exactly what techniques she was using and why, based on what I have been feeling. I appreciate that my experience was customized to me, not just a standard routine. Cupping was new to me, but I'm convinced of its value.  Pleasant environment. And Flor is very professional.”  Anonymous


“Flor is dedicated to truly understanding the client’s troubled areas. She is then very intentional in finding the right technique to address those areas. My experience with other establishments is I would be asked what needed worked on but always had a hard time telling if those areas had actually been focused on. It was a great experience. Facility was nice and everything was professional. The Sauna is a nice touch!” Scott P


Flor is so knowledgeable! I loved it! Can’t wait to go back!” Lynn J


”Thank you for a great massage today.  The neck, shoulders, and legs feel so much better.” Pat H


”Like the use of the cups as a route to release Fashia. I feel Flor is very professional in all the procedures she uses. .II certainly will return. The room was very clean and inviting. Table warm and very relaxing to begin the treatment.”  Betty H.


My Father was in a lot of pain and could hardly move. He is old school and we can rarely get him to go to the doctor. I called the therapist and explained that he was miserable and she went out of her way to book him an in home appt. For the following morning. I booked the 60 min in home massage for him and told him it was already paid for so he was being forced to go along with it like it or not. He was not thrilled about the idea. I called today to see how it went and my father was thrilled . He said he felt amazing , was able to move again and wasn't in pain anymore. Now my dad is a retired accountant and doesn't part with money easily but he asked the cost of the massage ( which was extremely reasonable ) and when I told him the cost he exclaimed well that was money well spent ! I about fell out of my chair. I've never heard those words come out of his mouth before . Both my parents , who are set in there ways and unwilling to try new things and even harder to please, were completely impressed with the professional quality service my dad recieved and are now both planning to get two massages a month . I was so relieved and happy that my father had such a great experience and more over that he was feeling so much better . Thank you so much!”

Stacy Allen-Rice


Flor is an excellent massage therapist; did a thorough review of my physical issues and then provided a relaxing massage combined with therapeutic benefit. Can't wait to go back.” Lori K


I loved my massage. My massage was amazing. I felt very relaxed by the time it was over. Flor has had training in many different types of massage so she knew what would be most appropriate for me. She incorporated neck stretches that relieved tension I didn't even know was there. She is an attentive listener and I was comfortable throughout the massage.” Alex M


"100 per cent better going out the door than I felt coming in the door this morning. Thanks.” Jerry


Flor has a good understanding of the human anatomy.  I'm pretty sore from my massage but I understand that working the muscles is the only way to get them to release.” Mary D


"Well versed in many medical problems. Found the staff very helpful and friendly." Vivian M


”Flor worked on my neck issues with amazing care.  When I left, I felt loose and relaxed.  I am definitely going back.” Tim P


"Flor is AMAZING! She has deep knowledge, uses various of techniques to address pain and spends time after message to educate!" Tracy C


"I had a wonderful experience at Touch Therapeudic Massage yesterday. Flor did a great job with my massage and paid special attention to my peraformace (not sure of spelling) muscle. Looking forward to playing golf painfree again tomorrow! Thanks Flor!" Steve H


"She did a great job. I didn't have headache last night. I would highly recommend." Billie S


"I am so glad I found Flor. She does a wonderful job and will take the time to educate you on what she found and why your pain is occurring. It is great to have her in Bella Vista!" Bonnie M


"Flor is excellent!! I had other massages from some great people but she is the BEST!! Love to use local folks when there is a place and this place is great!! Tom will greet you with a smile and Flor helps you leave with a bigger smile! Such great pain relief from Flor! I will certainly take advantage of having such a great place and great people here in Bella Vista!!" Sherry H


"Friendly people and great massage!! Flor is wonderful!" Lea H


"Had my first massage with Flor today and it was the most relaxing massage I have ever had! I have fibromyalgia and I feel better than I have felt in a long time! If you have chronic pain, you have got to go see her! Definitely going back! Thank you Flor and Tom for an awesome experience today!!!" Dawn G


"I've had many massages in my day and this was by far one of the best I've experienced. Come on Bella Vista support local business owners."  Debbie R


"It was the best massage I have bee had! Flora is amazing at massage. They had a very friendly receptionist!" Brandi P


"Wow, what a amazing feeling after a great massage. Glad you picked my name for the 1/2 hour complimentary massage. Enjoyed the hour. Thank you."  Brad L


"Flor is awesome if you want total relaxation. I am so happy she is here in Bella Vista. I highly recommend her for relaxation."  Mary V


"I had my first massage a couple days ago. Flor helped a lot and I have my next appointment this coming Monday. I was very impressed with her office and her professionalism."  Linda W


"I had my first massage yesterday. I have multiple health issues and was a ball of knots. I walked out feeling revitalized and relieved of much of my pain. I will be back soon!"  Sheryl J


"Great massage and it even helped my allergies, highly recommended."  Brenda S


"My experience was Amazing, Flor is very compassionate and professional. She asks alot of questions that help determine the best way she can help with whatever issues are bothering you. I will definitely be back for a therapeutic massage."  Mindy H


"Highly recommend Touch Therapeutic massage. Flor is compassionate, professional, and caring therapist. She worked out my chronic ankle pain during my massage. She is very thorough and make sure your issues are taking care."  Duc T


"I highly recommend Touch Therapeutic Massage! Massage was amazing! Thank you so much, Flor! Very professional and great atmosphere! I could not be more pleased!"  Leah B


"Very professional! Wonderful massage. I felt a lot of relief after 1 massage. Would definitely recommend."

Megan K


"Thank you Flor. You helped start my Thanksgiving weekend right! It was a wonderful relaxing massage."  

Kelly D


"The environment is relaxing and very clean. Flor is professional and competent. The massage was awesome. Thanks." Sarah B


"This was my firsts experience here, and it was well needed. Excellent customer service and outstanding deep tissue massage. Well recommended to others."  Scott M


"This was my first visit after meeting Flor Roeder at a work sponsored health benefits fair last week, and I could not be more pleased with my massage. She was excellent, very professional, and I feel so good afterwards! Thanks again, Flor, and I will be back!"  Jeff S


"Highly recommend Touch Therapeutic Massage! The therapist was amazing! She was very caring and thorough!Loved the relaxing music and the professional and warm atmosphere."  Heather W


"I highly recommend Touch Therapeutic Message! If I could rate her a 10 I would! She is a very caring, compassionate and thorough Therapist. She was attentive to what my needs and expectations were during my massage. Perfect pressure and a wide variety of techniques! Very pleasant atmosphere and personality!"  Diana C


"I would highly recommend Touch Therapeutic Massage. The massage therapist was very interested in my needs and making sure I was comfortable. Very relaxing environment and amazing massage!"  Kahny M


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